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Orchestrate your digital transformation with NEC Services

Build agile and modern business processes to stay ahead of global changes. Work with the best solutions to power every part of your company.

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NEC Competitive Environment

Unlock all the potential of technology to advance business in every industry

Faced with a world in constant change, and fluctuating businesses in various markets, emerging needs to be covered, which require agility in the way of understanding and dealing with business.

NEC Services has a response to these particularities that become more constant daily which requires prompt capacity to meet the needs of our entire society with social value.


NEC Service Presence in LATAM

Our teams are located in the markets you want to reach

We have a strong presence in LATAM, with an excellent record of accomplishment of services for Service Providers, Enterprises, TELCO, IT, Private and Government sectors and forays into banking, retail, and others.

Our team is placed in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina, which allows us comprehensive and professional coverage throughout Latin America according to our customer's needs.


NEC LATAM Services Portfolio

Local knowledge to level-up your network modernization

We understand the importance of service reliability, adaptability, and management to keep our customers’ businesses up and running. NEC service portfolio has a complete service menu to guide you in your transformation journey, with expert support to deploy your network modernization, operation, and optimization.

Whether planning, installing equipment or integrating solutions, NEC provides a highly trained and certified professional team to deliver the highest engineering support, consulting services and systems integration.

Overview of NEC’s 5G x Haul transformation services

Complete service menu & expertise to guide you in your transformation journey

NEC LATAM Services Portfolio EN 1
NEC LATAM Services Portfolio EN 2

NEC Professional Services

Understand how we can help you build a brighter future with high-level expertise

Solution & Design Planning

This service allows us to address the analysis, discovery, planning of activities, reparation with an HLD (high-level design), design document and the LLD (low level design) design document. It is applicable to a multi-vendor and multi-technology environment.

Network & System Configuration

Our network and systems configuration services allow specialized configurations to be carried out remotely in different networks and/or systems. This is provided by specialists in various technological lines applicable to the needs of our customers.


This product studies and presents network optimization plans based on the challenges for networks to perform well on implementing new services and technologies. An analysis document of the situation is delivered by specialists in various technologies, contemplating the optimization that must be carried out.

Specialized on Site Assistance

On-site specialized support is a necessity when interventions involve a lot of complexity, and it requires a highly trained professional which is why this service is provided by specialists in various lines of technology.

Consulting services

Our advice and consulting services include the analysis of the situation described by the client, presentation of a document with findings and recommended action plan to be deployed, based on several types of subservices well differentiated to support assertively every business challenge.

Competence Development Services (OJT)

The purpose of this product is to understand the client’s needs, develop their own abilities and apply them in the On-the-Job Training modality so that the customer understands the adequate applicability of the skills on a day-to-day basis.

NEC Automation Services

Innovate your network performance with intelligent solutions

  • Automation Services
  • Data Center & Security Services
  • IP Services
  • Optical Services

Automation Services

Understand the current level of automation and achieve the next level of modernization through a clear strategic action plan. NEC understands the flow of tasks and proposes the use cases to be considered in the automation process according to business outcomes desired.

Our service helps create more efficient workstreams from manual data entry to automating repetitive tasks with five different approaches.

  • Automation assessment & Uses cases Discovery
  • Automation Blueprint design and tests
  • Automation Implementation Services
  • Automation Operation Services
  • Use Case fine tuning

Data Center & Security Services

How you manage access to physical data has never been more important. When 95% of data center breaches are caused by human error, the people, processes, and products inside your data hall matter.

Reduce costs, boosts capacity and protect your Data Center infrastructures with efficient services, which includes:

  • Data Center & Security Planning Services
  • Data Center & Security Design and Test bed Services
  • Data Center & Security Implementation Services
  • Data Center & Security Operation Services

Modernize your business with a professional implementation strategy and meet global standards with high-quality practices.

IP Services

We provide innovative implementation design for complex environments. Our architects, engineers, and technology systems design focuses on each facility's unique needs and architectural intent, ensuring the operational flexibility to adapt to future technology evolution.

Our service provides a complete approach to support every step to implement and operate IP networks.

  • IP Network Planning Services
  • IP Network Design and Test bed Services
  • IP Network Implementation Services
  • IP Network Operation Services
  • IP Network Optimization Services
  • PM IP Network Services - Delete this

Improve the network availability and performance through the best practices and global standards.

Optical Services

Delivery-focused service to review and evaluate your network elements supporting an optical transport network. With an effective methodology, our team offers solutions that allow modernization, network security and replacement of legacy equipment with next-generation technology.

Our service includes:

  • Optical Network Planning Services
  • Optical Network Design and Test bed Services
  • Optical Network Implementation Services
  • Optical Network Operation Services
  • Optical Network Optimization Service

NEC has a permanent technical staff involved in telecom and IT services. This technological capacity, together with the in-depth knowledge of all stages of the life cycle of implementation and integration solutions.

NEC Customer Support Services

Extend your team with NEC. Support operations 24/7 with full capacity.

RSS: Remote Support Services

We provide support for reception, attention, troubleshooting, escalation and/or solution, in (5x8) or (7x24) with the fulfillment of the SLA’s. This service applies to cases of low, medium, and high priorities.

MIM: Major Incident Management

This service includes attention, escalation, and/or priority solutions for critical cases, with the SLAs fulfillment and the creation and delivery of RCA.

RIC: Remote Integration Center

This integration covers the request's analysis, remote integration of the manager and registration with a report of the completion in the customer’s management software.


In this service, we offer warranty management of units that benefits the client by solving failures in a brief time. Back-to-Back Supplier-Customer.

On Site Assistant Replacement

Under this On-Site Assistance service, technical personnel work on site with specific tasks such as Assembly and Disassembly of units, On-site repair, hardware configuration, technology changes, among others. This service also provides added value thanks to the supply and management spares for on-site assistance.

Spare Management

Our units are immediately available to deal with failures that arise in the client. We also have regional sub-warehouses where we minimize the delivery times of these units. Our highly experienced personnel guarantee the availability of spare parts with rotation analysis in each warehouse, resources for delivery of units on site with fulfillment of SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Repair Management

In this service we offer units that are out of warranty with manufacturers repair, with provided guarantee and support of our brand, adding value to your business that wouldn't be noticed.

Warranty Management

The warranty management is a package where we manage the guarantee towards manufacturers with more flexible times.

Asset Management

With the scope of having control of installed bases in the client and spare parts assigned to the same project, as well as the control of changes to all installed units, this service offers assets control, installed references, installation date, changes made and reports that we build together with the customer.

Some of NEC Partners

Providing a single point of contact for any technical support required by Operators, NEC is a multi-vendor and multi-technology services and solutions partner.

NEC Transformation Service to optimize your network

Some of NEC Partners EN 1
Some of NEC Partners EN 2







Server / Storage

Operator’s Competitive Environment

All over the world, operators are reviewing cost structures and business models as a response to the new challenges the market is facing: Mobile and Fixed Operators boundaries are disappearing; the user growth rate is decreasing; increasing or even maintaining ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) difficulties due to the number of services available to customers (competition) and few possibilities to improve user’s telecommunication consumption

In a marketplace where synergies, opportunities, and threats are being discovered daily, operators must keep focusing on client's needs as the core activity and managing current and future network technologies to assure long-term revenue and customer service quality.

Operators’ resources should be invested in asset management, network growth, and technology evolution and NEC gives them worldwide support to efficiently manage complex multi‐vendor and multi‐technology networks under predictable expense and service quality output control (KPIs).

NEC has created a comprehensive set of services for successful transformation, with regional and global expertise and laboratories to test and assure your solution.


Network Integration With NEC

Discover our service portfolio

NEC is recognized worldwide for its technical expertise in different business environments, with different supported technologies. Allow us to advise the best practices and needs for each phase of your network, as well as support or plan needed optimizations in real time to ensure the best performance and availability.
We can add value through our experience in different solutions and network characteristics. Your challenges are unique, and we can personalize our services according to your operational and commercial objectives.

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Operate
  • Optimize
  • Consulting

Services for this crucial planning stage, network design, according to your business objectives.

Detailed portfolio

Explore the technologic solutions to meet all the potential they can bring:

  • Network assessment
    Advice on full or partial analysis for recommendations of changes and improvements.
  • High Level & Low-Level Design
    Focus on implementing new elements and services.
  • Design validation tests
    Maximum reliability for planned operation.
  • Obsolescence Analysis
    End of life analysis of existing technology in the network, allowing upgrade, replacement and growth planning adjusted to defined budget.

Specific services for implementation phase, allowing the proposed design to be put into production safely.

Detailed portfolio

  • Network implementation plans
    Implementation plans for sites with different technologies.
  • Site implementation
    Includes surveys and system tests for maximum operational quality.
  • Integration services
    Integration allowing real synergy between new proposed scenario and legacy network.
  • Network performance
    Our experience focused on detailed analysis of data traffic performance.

Services focused on operation, monitoring and support. This is the day-to-day operation of the network.

Detailed portfolio

  • Software Care
    N1 & N2 technical support
    Software maintenance, updates and upgrades
    Incident and problem management
    Technical follow up and root cause reports
  • Hardware and repair services
    RMA management
    Spare parts management
    Field maintenance services
    Inventory management
  • MOPs building (methods of procedure)
    Allows planning with integral activity management, including multivendor networks.

Services focused on the best possible performance, in order to optimize the invested costs and guarantee maximum profitability.

Detailed portfolio

  • Network assessment of redesign
    Network assessment when new premises must be considered.
  • Interoperability tests
    Interoperability validation, ensuring adequate communication between network elements.
  • Network harmonization
    Diagnosis of the network and adjustment of configurations in equipments from different vendors, aiming the maximum use of its characteristics.
  • Network tuning
    Detailed analysis of network configurations, improving network performance with existing resources.
  • Monitoring tuning
    Adjustment of required parameters to ensure a reliable network monitoring

Advisory about appropriate skills for network operation, considering evolutionary stage, operational and business challenges.

Detailed portfolio

  • Processes design
    Structured and optimized processes for a better performance of business structures during delivery of your products and services.
  • Best practices
    Design and implementation of best market practices, guided by the governance of your business.
  • Competence Development plan
    Defining competency development plans for your team and network to evolve side by side.

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